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Lake Orion PiYo Classes

PiYo is a high-intensity exercise program that combines pilates (Pi) with yoga (Yo) routines. While the name of this workout may be unfamiliar to some, the benefits are not. So, if you’re wondering what PiYo does for your body, read on. We’ll provide you with an answer right here.

Tone and Sculpt Your Entire Body

PiYo is designed to target all of your major muscle groups in a single session. Each class will start with a warm-up before moving on to the rest of your body: lower, upper, core, and so on. You’ll gain the benefit of elongating and strengthening your muscles, allowing them to tone up without bulking, by speeding up the pilates and yoga techniques to produce an aerobic-style workout.

Enhances overall adaptability

Both Pilates and yoga emphasize flexibility while providing a low-impact workout. You can improve your overall flexibility by combining them and adding other dynamic motions to your training. Not adaptable? It’s no problem! It is for this reason that these classes have been created. Our instructors will be by your side, assisting you in folding into the moves properly and sometimes pushing you beyond your existing limits in order to help you become more flexible overall. Practice makes pliable when it comes to flexibility.

Your Posture Will Improve

Slouching has become “the standard” in today’s society. Many of us spend our days sitting over a computer, causing our hip flexors to stiffen and our shoulders to slouch forward. When we arrive home, we sit down and check our smartphones to stay in touch with friends, watch movies, or read the news. All of this contributes to poor posture. Both yoga and pilates are excellent methods for improving posture, but when they’re combined in a PiYo session, you receive the advantages of both disciplines in one. The pilates techniques will help you strengthen the muscles that wrap around your core, while the yoga positions will help you counteract slouching and open up your hips, resulting in better overall posture.

Balance and stability are improved

Walking up the stairs, standing up straight, successfully getting out of a resting position, and so much more all require balance. Balance is something we can lose as we age, even if we don’t realize it yet. Balance training should be done three or more times a week, according to the American Heart Association. PiYo is a great workout to add to your balance training program because it focuses on strengthening the core and working on balance. You’ll be more likely to catch yourself if you start to stumble if you develop your core muscles, and the extra plus of practicing balance within this exercise will help you remember how to engage those muscles when the time comes. Falls are the greatest cause of mortality and injury among the elderly, so it’s important to be prepared as you get older.

More Calories Burned

A PiYo exercise class can burn anywhere from 200 to 400 calories, depending on the class you attend and the tasks you do. For many of us, that’s the equivalent of running at 5 mph for 45 minutes. Because of the dynamic movements and low-impact nature of this workout, you’ll be able to do it more frequently than other high-impact options, and the class will be anything but dull!

Increase Your Self-Belief

When we gain muscle and begin to notice the good effects of a workout, we begin to feel more confident—and we could all use a little more confidence. When we think of our bodies, some of us think of what we can’t do. You can track those cant’s as they transform into cans by constantly doing a workout like PiYo. You might be able to fold more into a yoga position or maintain a plank for longer than you previously thought. That will give you greater confidence since you’ll know that we’re typically wrong when we say we can’t—and you’ll want to show even more to yourself via practice and consistency.

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